We are one of the pioneer companies in Qatar that deals in the field of retail mattress trading and distribution. We have been working since 1996, providing quality products to the customers. Our one and only goal is to attain happy and satisfied customers. 

      We at The Bedroom Store, believe in innovation, up-gradation and coming up with better sleep solutions for the customers. We work hard to create an identity where whenever a person thinks of having a good quality sleep, they don't have to look beyond The Bedroom Store.

      We have opened numerous showrooms all around the Qatar region to reach maximum people possible. Due to the excellent quality of our products and prompt services, once a person gets acquainted with our us, he/she never goes anywhere else.

      We follow good work ethics and thus have organized our store in a manner various department so that a customer can get what he/she wants without much difficulty. 

      We design mattress keeping everyone's needs in mind which starts from a kid to a full-grown adult.Our primary focus is on the needs of the customer so we provide mattresses ranging from high end, medium and low end to the customers. 

      We are the first company in Qatar that holds a showroom which deals exclusively in Latex Mattresses and we are also the first one to introduce the concept of Organic Bedding in Qatar.