Why choose an organic mattress?

Why choose an organic mattress?

In this era, everyone is taking a leap from a traditional lifestyle to an organic one. From the food that we eat to the items that the clothes that we wear, everything has an organic alternative available in the market nowadays and people also prefer choosing the organic ones than the traditional ones. It is because of the increase in awareness that natural, untreated (raw) and eco-friendly items have become popular and the first choice of most of the consumers. 

In terms of mattresses as well, people want a safer and healthier alternative as compared to the chemical filled mattresses that are available in the market. More and more people are shifting to organic mattresses. 

Most of our youth has become concerned about the environment, thus they choose to go for a more eco-friendly option. They have a good understanding of organic food and other commonly used organic products but not the organic mattress. Organic mattresses are made with natural materials like organic cotton, organic wool, and organic Latex.

Organic mattresses are healthier as compared to the traditional mattress. It is similar to organic fruits and organic milk. It does not contain any chemical substance. The most common source of padding and fabric in these mattresses is organic cotton and organic wool. These natural materials are grown without using any dangerous chemical products and processed with mechanical means. It is then used in the manufacturing process of products without any addition of toxic substances.

Advantages of buying an organic mattress:

Bio-degradable, eco-friendly and durable
Ideal for people with sensitivities
Made of Hypoallergenic materials making it suitable for people with allergies
Made with non-toxic materials, no Synthetic material used
Free of Pesticide Residues
Non-Toxic Fire Barrier methods

Since we spend one-third of our day in bed, our mattress plays an integral role in assuring good health. What we sleep on is certainly a matter to be thought upon and is also a long term investment in our good health along with comfort.

In most of the organic mattress, the core and the main component is made of natural latex that provides full support and comfort. Latex comes from the rubber tree naturally which is then processed to produce the final product.

Though there are some shortcomings when it comes to buying an organic mattress too. Due to limited availability and limited range to choose from, it can sometimes become confusing to buy an organic mattress. Also, an organic mattress can be expensive too as compared to the traditional mattress due to its limited availability.

However still, if you support a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle then you may shop it online. Though, it is advisable to buy the mattress from a place that provides a trial period so that you may test it and return or exchange in case the mattress does not suit your requirements.

At last, buying an organic mattress or not depends upon an individual’s requirements and budget. Therefore, it is advisable to take the proper time to do your research work for the available options before making a final call.