What Type of Mattress Works best with an Adjustable Bed?

What Type of Mattress Works best with an Adjustable Bed?

Everyone seeks comfort, and this very thing is the reason why adjustable beds have gained so much popularity these days. While choosing an adjustable bed, the question that is asked the most is what kind of mattress is most suitable for these beds.

There are a variety of options to choose from, depending upon an individual’s preference. Each mattress comes with its own functionality and performance. The Mattress that is ideal for you depends upon how you plan to use your bed, your preferred mattress material, and its thickness.

An adjustable bed can be adjusted between 40 to 70 degrees as per your comfort. This creates a comforting shape for you to read, watch TV, or sleep.

While choosing an adjustable mattress, the important thing to consider is its flexibility and durability. A mattress that bends and adjusts as per the bed base while maintaining its structural integrity and support is the most suitable for adjustable beds.

Memory foam mattress, Latex foam mattresses, Innerspring mattresses and Airbeds mattresses are the most suitable mattresses for adjustable beds.

Out of these, memory foam and latex foam mattresses are usually considered the best mattresses for adjustable beds as they are highly flexible, and they match the curves of the base. Though it is essential to choose a mattress that is made up of high-quality foam and material, this will ensure the durability and support of the mattress for a longer duration. Otherwise, you could wind up with an uncomfortable bed that wears out quickly.

Some people also prefer innerspring mattress and airbeds, but they come with their set of cons that you must be aware of.

Let’s read on to understand everything you need to know about these Mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress:
Memory foam mattresses are known to conform to your body shape and spread the weight evenly, eliminating the generation of pressure points. These mattresses, when paired up with adjustable bed bases, adapt the shape of the bed base without compromising the comfort and support of the mattress, making it the best choice for the adjustable beds.

Latex Mattress:
These mattresses are made up of Latex and are 100% foam. They are efficient in preventing pains. However, their feel is different from a memory foam mattress as they are slightly more rigid. So instead of a thick mattress, choose a thin latex mattress that conforms properly to the adjustable base without causing any effect to the overall structural integrity of the mattress.

Innerspring Mattress:
Innerspring mattresses are the traditional mattresses that have been in existence since the times of our parents and grandparents. They have existed even before the introduction of foam mattress, and that time, they were considered to be the best kind of mattress available.

Innerspring mattresses compromise of coiled springs with padded top, making them somewhat stiff. This makes them unsuitable for adjustable bed bases. However, to cope up with this issue, some mattress manufacturers make more flexible options that can be used on the adjustable beds.

Innerspring mattresses are still commonly used due to their cheap price in comparison to the foam bed. However, the low cost comes with a low performance, creating pressure points, limited flexibility, and requires replacements more frequently.

Additionally, since adjustable beds are adjusted frequently to different angles by the user as per their requirement, it may result in quick wear and tear.

Airbed mattress:
Airbed comprises one or more air chambers that allow you to adjust the support by increasing or decreasing the air pressure. However, only a few models of airbed mattresses work fine with the adjustable bases.

Models containing multiple chambers work fine. Though you must be aware of the fact that when the adjustable base bends, it sometimes impedes with the airflow and reduces the support.

Models with a single air chamber are not recommended as they are too rigid to be used on an adjustable base.

Apart from the mattress type, the mattress thickness is also a point that must be considered while pairing a mattress with an adjustable base. You must focus on getting the mattress of right thickness as with thickness the stiffness of the mattress increases irrespective of how flexible the mattress material is.

Depending upon the mattress type, the ideal thickness of a mattress must be in between six to fourteen inches. The more rigid the mattress material, the thinner the mattress should be though you need to consider that the mattress must be thick enough to support your body while sleeping at night.

So, the four key factors while choosing the right mattress for the adjustable bed base is flexibility, durability, support, and thickness.

If you are planning to use an innerspring mattress or airbed mattress, then make sure that its design supports the requirement of the adjustable bed base while a memory foam mattress would work best with the bed base followed by a Latex foam mattress.

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