Tips to Avoid Bad Dreams

Tips to Avoid Bad Dreams

Having a bad dream can disrupt your sleep pattern. Bad dreams are just a result of the scenario created by our subconscious mind to release fear and stress while resting. Bad dreams can be disturbing to some extent that they may cause sleeplessness. 

There are certain ways which you may try to prevent those bad dreams and avoid having sleepless nights:

1. Sleeping comfortably: 

An uncomfortable mattress, pillows or sleeping position may sometimes lead to creating bad dreams. Being comfortable in your bed makes you feel happy and relaxed and it automatically enhances your dreams. Hence, it is important to maintain your mattress and bed in good condition. 

2. Keeping a check on the food and drinks: 

Eating dinner just before the bedtime leads to those bad dreams as an unhappy stomach makes you really uncomfortable and that may result in a bad dream. You must also avoid high energy drinks, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, tea or other things that may contain caffeine at night. They have a tendency of keeping you awake late at night.

3. Complete relaxation and de-stress: 

You must take 2-3 hours before sleeping to free your mind from stressful thoughts or work-related tensions. Involving in sports activities works as a great stress releaser. If not a sports person, then you may try an evening walk or reading a book. Although reading a book is a good option but anything related to horror, thriller or anything else that has the tendency to stimulate the thinking process must be avoided at night.

4. Maintaining a schedule: 

Having a proper bedtime schedule that includes a fixed time for waking up and sleeping may induce a blissful sleep. Having good sleep means no bad dreams. Although bad dreams may occur when you are overtired so try sleeping on time and getting proper relaxation to kick away those bad dreams.

5. Your bedroom should smell good: 

It has been observed that pleasant fragrances may have a positive impact on your dreams as it creates a sense of calmness and soothes the mind. For pleasant fragrance purpose, you may use fresh flowers, aromatic oils or some room freshener with a mild smell in your bedroom.

6. Talk about your dream: 

Talking about your dream is like confronting your fears. Choose a person whom you think may help you find the reason for your dreams and discuss it with them. It may be anyone from work, your friend, parent, your partner or any other relative. Talking to someone may help you release the anxiety and there are chances that you may understand the root cause of your dreams.

I would conclude by saying a good dream or a bad dream everything is the result of our subconscious mind. Though bad dreams make it difficult for us to sleep so do your research work, find the root cause of your bad dream and if not that then at least try to achieve a good night sleep to avoid a bad dream. 

Lastly, I would say 

Relax and Sleep Tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!