The Science Behind Dreaming

The Science Behind Dreaming

Dreams have always been a topic of discussion. They are like those magical memories which get blurred as soon as we wake up leaving us with a lot of emotions. 

What are dreams?

Dreams are basically a collection of some stories or images that our mind cooks up while we are sleeping. They vary from person to person. They can be vivid at times. They have a tendency of bringing out your emotions like feeling happy, sad, horrified, or terrorized.

Sometimes the dreams are very confusing that you are unable to predict what they exactly mean while other times they seem rational.

It has been observed that the most vivid dreams occur during deep sleep. It is said that we dream at least 4-5 times per night.

Why do we dream?

There is no particular reason behind why you dream but a lot of theories and believes are in existence. 

Some researchers say that there is no particular purpose or meaning to a dream. They are just some random non-related activities of a sleeping brain. While others believe that dreams reflect the mental, physical, and emotional health of a person.

Many believe that dreams exist to help you solve your day to day problems. They are just some of your repressed memories and they help you process your emotions.

The dreams that you see while sleeping has been categorized into four groups by researchers:

Dreams related to daily life: 

Researches have shown that people tend to dream about their profession or day to day activities while they are sleeping. 

This implies that most of the dreams revolve around the personal problems, concerns, emotions and interests that drives you to wake up and face them.

You may notice something related to your past in your dream which may not have a relation to the present time. This is just a repressed memory which comes to the surface while you are dreaming. It means that you might think of a place, an event, or maybe a person from your past. All these thought processes take place in your subconscious mind so you don’t realize it consciously.

Dreams related to other people: 

You might have dreamt about walking on a street full of people, sitting next to a friend, having a heart to heart conversation with a stranger, saving a random person or maybe spending time with a deceased person. 

Research studies have shown that you have seen or met every person who you comes in your dream. You remember the faces of the people subconsciously, you just don’t remember them in your conscious mind.

These dreams point towards some long history or some problem that you might be facing and you are just looking for the possible outcomes or solutions to.

Dreams related to falling: 

These are the most commonly occurred dreams amongst people. Other similar dreams include being chased, forced to study or arriving late somewhere.

Such dreams are related to the increasing anxiety or stress levels in a person.

Poor sleeping conditions or inability to sleep properly also leads to such dreams sometimes.

Dreams related to losing teeth: 

Teeth dreams are surprisingly common too. People often dream about teeth falling out, breaking or rotting. They are kind of recurring dreams for one in six people.

One of the research studies shows that such dreams are related to problems related to teeth, jaws or gums. While some experts try to find an internal meaning to it. They feel it is a symbolic occurrence and it is related to the inability to speak up to defend yourself or maybe related to self-consciousness due to one’s appearance.

If you start thinking about your dreams then you will realize that they are much more creative and sometimes metaphorical too. Though there is no single evidence on the exact relation between dream and life. 

Just explore your dreams, deduce your symbolism and try to uncover the true meaning of your dreams.

The key to a unique dream lies in your own mind. Just find that key and unlock the mystery world of your dreams.