Sleeping on Weekends: Good Idea or a Bad One?

Sleeping on Weekends: Good Idea or a Bad One?

After hearing everything about how much sleep an individual should get ideally and what are the consequences of being sleep deprived? 

Here comes another question, what about completing the pending sleep hours on weekends?

Everyone knows that sleep plays an important role in an individual’s life and we spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping. Getting the desired amount of sleep is important for our health and routine too. 

There are some nights when we do not complete our sleep hours due to a pending report or assignments or maybe enjoying a party. While there are others when we get too much of sleep and wake up all confused trying to recall the date and time. We all have been in these situations and neither of the above situations is ideal.

People try to compensate for the lack of sleep on weekdays by oversleeping at weekends. This idea seems perfect as we can customize our sleep as per our requirements but is it a perfect option for our body too?

This theory when tested came out with some interesting results. The study showed that short sleep, when combined with long hours of sleep, works fine without any much-witnessed side effects.

The results in terms of are we getting sufficient sleep recovery are still unknown. This study when put in comparison to other studies related to sleep showed that a regular sleep pattern is no doubt a much healthier option than an irregular one.

You cannot stay fresh and awake by completing the sleep hours at one night and then keep having short sleep for a number of days. It is extremely important to get regular sleep each day. Being sleep deprived occasionally due to some reason is ok but do not make it a regular habit. It messes up with the body clock and is an unhealthy thing to follow for your body too.

So, do not mess with your body, get proper sleep every day, and make the most out of your weekend by being awake and active.