Reasons Why you shouldn’t Sleep with your Dog

Reasons Why you shouldn’t Sleep with your Dog

Those soft furry creatures with innocent eyes always inviting us to love them, hug them, cuddle with them. Who can say No to them? 

Having a dog is a wonderful experience and can prove to be good for your health too. Those eyes waiting for you to walk in that door not only makes you feel happy but also encourages you to live a healthier life. You know that you need to take it to walk twice a day irrespective of the weather conditions. You know you can’t party hard or be late anywhere as there are these two little paws waiting for you to come back.

While spending the day with a dog is a good idea but sleeping with your dog is not a good idea. It has its own demerits:

Say bye to those silent nights: 

The sleeping pattern of a human is different from the sleeping pattern of a dog. Sharing a bed with a dog means less space for yourself as dogs have a constant habit of moving, kicking and twitching. Besides, some dogs even snore turning your silent night into a hazardous one. 

Other than that animals have a habit to respond to any noise that they listen to irrespective of where it coming from and at what time it is coming. Sometimes your pet can become as loud as possible in the middle of the night for no reason. It not only disrupts your sleep but also annoys you to the core.

So it is advisable to buy a separate bed for your pet in order to get a quality sleep of no disturbance for yourself and your pet.

Cleanliness is compromised: 

Getting in the same bed with a dog means no more clean mattress or sheet. Your dog may look clean and you may be brushing its fur in regular intervals but a dog in your bed may still fill your clean sheets with dirt. Your bed will become a mess filled with bacteria, pollen, dust, and even dog hair. Even if you are not allergic to these allergens but sleeping in mess is unhealthy too. 

Washing your bedding on a regular basis is no less than a difficult task. Make the right choice of using your bed all to yourself and maintaining a separate bed for your dog.

There is a range of mattresses available in the market for your dog. Keeping in mind the amount of mess they create, the mattresses are designed in a fashion where its cleaning is easier and is easily washable. So you as well as your dog may enjoy your separate clean beds.

Unhealthy dominance is encouraged:

If your dog is dominant or aggressive with people or other animals, then it is advisable to set certain rules for your dog. 

Don’t allow your dog to get into the bed whenever it wants. If it feels like it can do anything as per its will, it stops respecting you and becomes dominant. 

Show your dominance, if your dog hops on without your will, then ask it to get off. It would take time but would train your dog. It would further mean no surprise visit in your bed at night, meaning no compromise with the sleep.

Gift them their deserved sleep: 

Dogs are the perfect buddies when it comes to cuddling but then you can enjoy it only for some time. When tired, all you need is your bed without any disturbance for a long blissful sleep. 

Having separate bed ensures that you as well as your buddy are comfortable in their own beds enjoying their well-deserved sleep. Besides, sleeping in separate beds doesn’t mean sleeping in separate rooms. You may come up with an arrangement where you can enjoy each other’s company while sleeping in your own separate beds in the same room.

You may be surprised to look at the number of options available in the market for your pet’s bed. Choose the one as per its size and requirements. 

Show your dog some love and care, treat them with the quality sleep that they deserve.