Pro Tips to Make your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Pro Tips to Make your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Planning an arrangement for a small bedroom seems really confusing and challenging but trust me it’s fun when you come across the right designing tips.

Here are some great ideas that can do wonders in converting your small space into a haven to look forward to for cosiness and comfort:

Use Limited Paint Colours: 

Just choose two or three of your favorite colors and work on their combination for the whole room. Do not use colors that do not go well with each other and try using colors that work in contrast with your furniture.

If white works for you, then go for white. White has the tendency of making the small space look big and neat.

Well lighted: 

Keep the place well lighted all the time by keeping your windows open during the daytime so that the natural light can enter the room.

Use roller blinds instead of curtains to save space and for covering the windows for the purpose of privacy.

Smartly planned storage unit: 

Make full use of the space available by getting yourself a floor to ceiling fitted storage unit. Getting this storage unit would help you take advantage of each and every inch of the bedroom and you can organize your room by keeping every extra item in the cupboard.

Eliminating every extra thing from your bed, bedroom floor, or your side table would make your room look neat and clean. Making it look a bit organized and look bigger.

Make use of the window side: 

Instead of keeping your bed in the center of the room, you can push it across the window side, making room for the other furniture on the other side.

For privacy purpose, you can use window blinds. It would even facilitate you to peek out of the window without manually going to the window to look outside and the daylight is also good for the purpose of reading.

Mirror Illusions: 

This is the classic trick to create an illusion of space. A mirror usually reflects whatever is in front of it. Using a mirror on a wall would create a visual image of more space than usual. 

You can use a designer mirror to add artistic effect to your bedroom.

Custom built furniture: 

Instead of buying readymade furniture, get customized furniture that is built keeping in mind your bedroom dimensions.

You may even include built-in drawers, an inbuilt storage box, and a wall mounted side table so that you may make the most out of the bed space too.

Use wallpapers: 

Design your walls using the right wallpaper. A wallpaper when chosen intelligently can make your small room look big. Always go for a lightly shaded wallpaper instead of a dark one.

Go minimalistic: 

Here is a time to be creative. Do not overdo your bedroom. Just choose subtle colors and minimum furniture like a bed and a study table maybe. It would look decent and would look big without much effort.

It does not matter whether your room is big or small. What matters is how you keep it. Keep Experimenting! Work on those creative juices and built your safe haven!