These pillows are designed to offer premium quality support and comfort. They are soft and conform to the neck and spine of an individual. The pillow is made of Tempur that supports your head, neck, and shoulders making it comfortable for all kind of sleepers. The pillow is 100% cotton quilted from outside with 50% cotton/polyester backing. The pillows are soft, breathable and washable. These pillows can be used for years without flattening out.

    ● Conform to the neck and spine
    ● Ideal for all kind of sleepers
    ● Soft and breathable
    ● Washable

    Content: 100% Natural Latex
    Other Materials: Carry Bag
    Other Materials - Inner Cover for the Pillow: Yes Available
    Sizes - LXBXH: 60*40*15
    Density: 65
    Weight: 2.5 Kg