Memory Foam Mattress or Gel Foam Mattress: Which Mattress is Right for Me?

Memory Foam Mattress or Gel Foam Mattress: Which Mattress is Right for Me?

In the world of mattresses, foam mattresses are quite popular due to their ability to provide total support, no motion transfer, and long-lasting durability. If you are considering to buy a foam mattress, then you will come across two variations: memory foam mattress and gel foam mattress. Both mattress options are great, but it depends upon you which one you like the most. 

Let us find out more about these mattresses:

Memory Foam Mattress:

A memory foam mattress is made up of viscoelastic material that strains linearly when stress is applied on its surface.


It conforms to the shape of the body to provide comfort while sleeping.
It ensures that no pressure points are generated.
It helps you wake up fresh and active without any sore points or aches.
It is best for couples since no motion transfer takes place.
It maintains a great balance between too soft and too firm. 


If you weigh too much, then this is not a suitable option for you.
You need to check for the certification of the foam as memory foam mattresses may release gases sometimes due to their chemical treatments. These gases are potentially harmful, and certification ensures the quality of the mattress.
Poor quality memory foam mattresses tend to smell unpleasant due to the chemicals present in them.
These mattresses conform to the body such that there is no place for the heat escape to take place, thus making you feel hot while sleeping.

Gel Foam Mattress:

A gel foam mattress is made up of viscoelastic material along with the gel infused in it. These mattresses are introduced to offer cooler sleep.


The gel foam mattresses conform to the shape of your body to ensure a comfortable night sleep.
It ensures that no pressure point generation, sore points, or backaches take place.
The gel in the gel foam mattress ensures proper air circulation, allows heat to escape, and that the sleeper stays cool at night.
It is suitable for couples since no partner disturbance takes place.


The cellular structure of these mattresses may break over time, leading to degradation of the mattress.
It is a little bit higher in price when it comes to memory foam mattresses.


There is no way to say that which one of both the mattress is the best foam mattress. As they both come with their set of pros and cons. It depends upon you which one you choose: A mattress that retains heat and costs low (Memory Foam) or a mattress that remains cool but costs higher (Gel Infused).

Need help in choosing one? Come to our nearest store or call us or drop us a mail and we will assist you in selecting the best foam mattress as per your requirements and budget.

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