Made of 100% Latex material, these mattresses are designed with precision to provide proper support to your body. It supports your back and aligns as per your spine further preventing backaches. The even surface of the mattress ensures no motion transfer, thus no partner disturbance. It is good for health and is ideal for people suffering from respiratory problems, fever or Eczema. It is also recommended for infants, Geriatrics, and Hospitals. It dissipates body perspiration quickly. It is resistant to dust and mites. The quality material used to make the mattress makes it durable.

Pocketed Coil 5 Zone
Foam supported systems
Fabric used: Egyptian Organic cotton

Even surface of the mattress ensures comfort and luxury throughout the sleep.
Recommended to be used for individuals suffering from respiratory problems, fever or Eczema
Conforms as per the individual’s body shape, providing optimal support
Highly breathable fabric, providing proper ventilation
Dries quickly to avoid dampness
Pocketed coil design, ensuring proper weight distribution
Resistant to dust and mites