Revere mattresses are the premium mattresses introduced by Chattam & Wells. Quality material is used to keep your mattresses at the ideal temperature. Dunlop latex is used in the mattresses which contours and supports your body. High-quality wool blanket inside provides extra support and the inner coils help reduce motion transfer keeping the bed quiet and ensuring a good night sleep without disturbance.


    ● Chattam Quilt

    ● Dunlop Latex

    ● Hi-Loft Joma Wool Blanket

    ● Chattam Edge

    ● 744 Lo-pro Fabric Encased Comfort Core

    ● 450 Hinge-flex Plus Knotted Offset Coil


    ● Stretch knit fabric with Tencel, Joma wool, and high-density convoluted foam, keeping your mattress comfortable and at an ideal temperature 

    ● Dunlop Latex, creating a plush feel and conforming your body for pressure relief and support

    ● Joma wool fiber, providing a natural and supportive base for comfort layers of the mattress

    ● High-density foam rails and a portrait edge, offering edge-to-edge sleeping with no roll-off

    ● Reduces motion transfer between partners to ensure no sleep disturbance amongst partners

    ● Hinge-flex, providing an exceptionally strong and quiet core

    ● Offset coil, for sensitive body contours and improving sleeping comfort