Blue Ocean is one of the ultra-luxury products by American Star. This premium designer product comprises of all the qualities that an individual wants in his/her mattress. This mattress has levelled up the sleep game by providing optimal sleep experience to individuals. 


    • Top Quilting: FR fiber, PU foam

    • Natural Latex

    • Individual Pocket Coil

    • Thickness: 33 cm


    • Hand-tufted by the finest craftsmen, making it comforting for a perfect sleep

    • Absorbs moisture and dries quickly, avoiding dampness

    • Proper air ventilation within the mattress structure making it breathable

    • Regulates temperature

    • Provide proper support to the body by taking shape of the individual’s body

    • Minimized partner disturbance

    • Made up of 100% Latex material.

    Firmness: Medium Soft
    Gel Memory Foam: 0.984 inch
    Hard Foam: 1.771 inch/0.984 inch
    Latex: 1.968 inch
    Mattress Top: ET
    Pocketed Coil: 7.874 inch
    Sizes: 195*200/180*200/150*200/120*200
    Soft Foam: 1.259 inch
    Warranty: 4 Years