Aireloom mattress is designed to conform to your body with its unique structure, providing proper body balance and support. It also provides optimal pressure relief. The use of the highest quality fabrics and materials maximizes the comfort and durability of the mattress.

    ● Streamline plush
    ● Patented Aireloom Lift
    ● Outer-tufted, handmade design
    ● Ventilated Celsion Latex
    ● Ultra conforming knit with Tencel
    ● Silk/ Wool fibers
    ● Hiloft FR fibers
    ● Pillow flex, Convoluted foam, True-stretch cotton tricot
    ● Plush Advanced Zoned Support Foam
    ● Viscoelastic memory foam

    ● Structurally designed to conform to the body
    ● Maintains proper body balance and support
    ● Optimal pressure relief
    ● High-Quality Fabrics and materials ensuring comfort
    ● Durable
    ● Aireloom Lift, making it air ventilated
    ● Dries quickly