Is Buying a used Mattress a good Option?

Is Buying a used Mattress a good Option?

It is true that buying a new mattress costs a fortune but it is an investment to better sleep for a long duration of time. Many people do not understand this and in order to save some bucks they go for a cheaper option and buy a used mattress instead. 

Earlier due to the unavailability of cheaper options, people used to save money by going for a used mattress instead of buying a new mattress. Now, there are cheap mattresses available in the market too. You can even finance your mattress if you cannot pay the whole amount in a single transaction. 

So there is really no reason for buying a used mattress and make your bed an unhygienic place.

If you still think that buying a used mattress is not a bad idea then continue reading to understand why it is not a good idea either.


These small almost invisible creatures have the tendency to multiple real quick and once a bedbug enters your house then it keeps on spreading from your mattress to your bed and other furniture.

It is really difficult to get rid of them and the easiest solution to get rid of them is to throw away the furniture or mattress on which they are present. Nevertheless, there is still a probability of them being present around you.

Mattress Condition: 

You may buy a used mattress by looking at the picture but that does not tell the whole story.

There are chances that the condition of the mattress is worse like there may be internal damages in the form of a broken spring or sagging.

Even if it looks picture perfect and looks perfect in reality, some of the factors would come into picture only after examining it at night. You may not realize it on the first night but gradually you may feel that there are many issues with the used mattress.

Having a good night sleep is important for your health and productivity. Do not waste it by going for an unworthy option. 

Short Lifespan: 

Since the mattress has already been used by someone else before you purchase it, it’s lifespan is also short.

No warranty: 

The warranty for a product is only valid for the original buyer. If the mattress manufacturer allows a transfer of warranty then that is a completely different case though no mattress manufacturer does that. So, in short, buying a used mattress means no warranty whatsoever the case may be.

No returns: 

Everyone has a different body type and different sleeping needs too. This means that a mattress that is comforting for one person may not be comforting for the other person too.

Once you buy a used mattress, all you are left to do is live with it whatsoever its condition is. You may spend extra money on protectors and padding but that is all on you. Nobody provides a trial period or a return for a used mattress.


It is important to sleep in a hygienic environment for health purposes. 

A mattress gets dirty easily as it harbours dust, dust mites, bacteria, dead skin, hair, and a lot of sweat.

Besides this, there might be the presence of stains of food items, sweat, water or any other thing along with the presence of tiny organisms that have made their home in the mattress. 

Not only does it sound disgusting but you have to live in such an adverse condition and your body would be in constant contact with this unhygienic environment.

If you still feel the need to buy a used mattress then I would suggest a proper inspection along with its sanitation. Still, there are chances of any of the above to happen. 

So I would conclude by saying choose wisely, stay well!