How to Sleep Cool while The Weather is Hot (Without using the Air Conditioner)?

How to Sleep Cool while The Weather is Hot (Without using the Air Conditioner)?

The key to a good night sleep is to keep your body cool. Winters tend to be cosy as the blanket self invites sleep but what about summers? Once they arrive, you feel all sweaty and sticky and it becomes difficult to stay comfortable unless you seek help from the air conditioner.

Using Air Conditioner sounds like a good option in summers but well we all know that it is not a good option in terms of Mother Nature and of course for your electricity bills.

So, being in full support in protecting Mother Nature, here are some eco-friendly tips to keep your body cool without using the air conditioner:

Keeping your sleeping place cool:
The first step is to ensure that your sleeping space is cool enough.

For that, you need to keep the windows and shades closed during the daytime such that the heat from the sun does not penetrate your sleeping space and thus keeping it cool and dark.

While during evening, let the air come in by opening all the windows. Make sure that the windows that face opposite to each other are opened to maintain proper cross ventilation. In case if all the windows are present on the same side of the wall then you may use a fan facing the wall, it would let out the hot air and let in the cool breezy air.

Also, try to minimize the use of appliances that generate heat. So instead of using an oven or stove to prepare dinner, make a salad instead.

Choose the right bedding:
The fabric on which you are sleeping makes a lot of difference. The sheets and blankets made using synthetic material like polyester cause the body temperature to rise. Since the fabric has the tendency to trap the sweat against your skin that makes you feel warm and sticky.

Even the natural fibres like flannel or wool must be added to the No-No list for the summer.

Choose breathable material like cotton or linen. Additionally, you can use light bedsheets, as they tend to cool your skin.

Even, the mattress protectors must be taken into consideration. Seek the cotton protectors instead of synthetic ones.

Taking a shower:
To help maintain temperature equilibrium of the body, you may take a shower before sleeping. It would help you feel cooler by lowering the body temperature.

You may also place a fan facing you beside your bed and to make it more effective place a bowl full of water containing ice in front of that fan. It would blow cold air to your face and you would be able to stay cool without actually turning on that air conditioner.

Save more by going eco-friendly this summer!