How to Make Your Soft Mattress Firmer?

How to Make Your Soft Mattress Firmer?

Firmness is one of the most important factors that must be considered while purchasing a new mattress. The majority of health problems arises due to the mattress being too soft or too firm.

Does firmness affect that much?

Apart from personal preference, firmness of the mattress affects the health of an individual. An ideal mattress should support each and every part of the body such that no part faces too much pressure. 

Uneven distribution of weight creates pressure points and further causes back pain, shoulder pain or pain in hip joint sometimes.

Now the question arises what to do when the mattress is too firm to sleep?

Don’t worry! Just try these few tips and tricks and you’ll be able to achieve the required firmness of your mattress in no time.

Check if the mattress is in its trial period:

Most of the mattress companies provide a trial period within which you can test the mattress before fully committing to it. Check whether your mattress is still in its trial period or not, if so you can return your mattress for a full refund or exchange. 

If the mattress is not in the trial period, then you may still talk to the mattress company regarding the issue and ask for a solution. 

Try rotating or flipping your mattress:

Rotating your mattress helps in even distribution of the weight in the mattress. Seasonal rotation of the mattress is recommended to avoid any kind of sagging or impression creation.

If your mattress is a two-sided mattress then flipping your mattress may also help to make it firmer but before flipping it make sure that it is safe to flip the mattress or not.

In some mattresses, the upper layer wears out and becomes soft even before the springs in the mattress do. Flipping the mattress helps a lot in such scenarios.

Inserting a wooden board:

Another way of increasing the firmness of a mattress is to insert a plywood board in between the mattress and box spring. 

Inserting a plywood board is much cheaper than changing the foundation of the bed. Just choose the board of the right size as choosing a small board won’t support the whole mattress and choosing a big size would increase the risk of injuring yourself.

Also if the plywood has any splinters coming out of it then you may have to take care of that too as it may tear the mattress and you may also hurt yourself due to those splinters. 

Placing your mattress on the floor:

If you place your mattress on the floor then it would provide a similar kind of support as provided by the plywood. Though it may make your mattress dirty if laid without mattress protectors. This isn’t a permanent solution but would work fine. The mattress may not look good on the floor and won’t have the same kind of bounce as it used to on the bed.

Adjusting the thermostat temperature:

You may also consider adjusting the temperature of the thermostat in the bedroom to a lower temperature. The lower temperature will harden the mattress. Thus restoring the firmness.

Checking your box spring:

Box Spring wears out with prolonged use. Wearing out causes the box spring to lose their strength and provide less support than it should, making the mattress softer in turn. In such a condition, we must consider replacing a box spring and it is much cheaper than replacing a mattress. It would restore the firmness of the mattress.

Drying the moisture:

If you are living in a humid area then you may find that your mattress might have softened due to the moisture present in the air. If such an issue is witnessed then you may dry your mattress in sunlight. It would not only dissipate the moisture but also kill off bacteria or germs that might have accumulated due to the moisture. 

If you feel that the mattress is still contaminated even after the exposure to sunlight then you may seek professional help for the same.

Using Mattress toppers:

Mattress toppers have the tendency of making your mattress soft as well as firm depending upon the topper that you choose. There are tons of options available in the market to choose from. Choose a topper that is thick so that it may make your mattress firmer. 

If all of the above methods fail then buying a new mattress is always a solution.