How to Look your best after a Sleepless Night?

How to Look your best after a Sleepless Night?

It is a well-known fact that sleep is essential for maintaining the beauty that is why most of the concerned people call it your “beauty sleep”. Sometimes you are able to achieve those beauty goals while other times you just have to fake it.

Not getting the desired amount of sleep due to maybe stress, work overload, or sleep procrastination can leave you looking dull and your eyes being all dark and puffy. This exactly does not sound like a good look to carry unless it is Halloween and you are pretending to be a zombie.

People usually try to hide everything with makeup by putting up those concealers or colour correctors. Overusing these products have other adverse effects on the skin. Instead, go for some natural remedies that would help you achieve your beauty in a simple and faster manner.


Magnesium being the anti-inflammatory and the anti-stress mineral does wonders to your skin and eyes.

Lack of sleep raises your stress levels and increases inflammation. Magnesium helps balance out everything by up taking oxygen, balancing electrolyte, and producing energy. It is a natural detoxifier.

Just take a quick bath in magnesium salts and it would soothe your tired muscles and lower inflammation, which would further mean minimizing puffiness. 

You may also add powdered magnesium citrate in a mug full of hot water and take a sip throughout the day.

Remain Hydrated: 

Start your day by drinking 2-3 glasses of water maintained at room temperature or you may go for a cup of lukewarm water containing lemon and honey, or maybe a glass of lemon water. Choose whatever works for you.

Fluids help wake up your body and detoxify it. The process of detoxification itself helps reduce those puffy eyes and adds an extra glow to your skin.


Just take 2-3 minutes of your busy morning to perform a light massage on your face. 

It would help relax your facial muscles, which would further help de-puff those puffy eyes.


Drinking coffee is always the best option when it comes to getting rid of that sleepy face but it does not do much to that puffiness on your face due to its dehydrating nature.

Instead of drinking coffee, make a coffee face scrub. It would act as an exfoliating agent and help you get rid of dullness. The caffeine present in coffee would make the blood vessels under your eyes tighter and that would help you get rid of dark circles as well.

Ice-cold water: 

Try replacing your usual morning rituals of cleaning your face with a cleanser or facewash with a splash of ice-cold water.

It would help you in the process of skin tightening. Additionally, it also improves your complexion. Skin tightening would mean no puffiness.

Green Tea: 

Replace your normal tea or coffee with a cup of green tea. Green tea contains anti-oxidants and anti-aging components, which make your skin look younger.

You may also preserve the used green tea bag in the refrigerator and put them under your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Though however great you may look using these remedies, nothing can beat the beauty of natural sleep. Do not meddle in the way of natural sleep.

Be happy as well-spent day brings happy sleep!