Crazy yet Interesting Sleep Facts

Crazy yet Interesting Sleep Facts

Sleep is one of the most interesting topics when studied in depth. We think we know a lot about sleep but yet day by day new revelations are coming into existence. Here is a list of some of the crazy yet interesting sleep facts:

Getting less than six hours of sleep on a daily basis shortens your lifespan. It also spikes up your insulin level making it harder to lose weight.

All the human faces that appear in our dream are the faces of real people whom we have come across sometime in our life. We may not remember them consciously but sub-consciously, they are there.

Feeling drowsy in the middle of the day is a sign that you are sleep deprived. Proper sleep ensures activeness even in mundane activities. 

Sleeping enhances your learning ability. Studies have found that sleeping just after studying helps you retain the newly acquired information for a longer time.

Before the invention of the alarm clock, people used to hire human alarm clocks. The human alarm clock used to tap the windows of the people to wake them up using a long pole, pea shooter or soft hammers.

Randy Gardner holds the Guinness World Records for longest sleep deprivation (11 days). Maureen  Weston attempted to break this record by going sleepless for almost 19 days.

Unlike coffee that induces sleeplessness, intake of carbohydrates and protein induces drowsiness.

Your dream fades really fast. Dreams are just our repressed thoughts and as soon as we are awake, the brain quickly gets rid of them.

Nightmares are an indication of some major health issues like heart diseases or depression.

Human beings are the only mammals with the ability to willingly delay their sleep. 

Light and noise have a tendency to disrupt your sleep. Light in the sleeping environment not only wakes you up but also makes it harder to fall asleep. Irregular sound disrupts with your heart rate and blood pressure.

Tricking your brain into thinking that you had a good night sleep even if you didn’t, improves your performance during the day.

Exercise helps a lot in setting the biological cycle of an individual. It locks in your sleep schedule and also enhances your ability to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation is much more dangerous than being food deprivation.

Deaf people sometimes make use of sign language in their sleep.

Human beings have the ability to fall asleep with their eyes wide open.

Studies show that pain tolerance of individual decreases with the sleep deprivation.