Choosing The Right Mattress, a Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing The Right Mattress, a Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone has begun to place health first. Making healthy choices in every aspect starting from the clothes that we wear (avoiding synthetic material), maintaining ideal room temperature (to maintain proper body temperature), eating healthy food (avoiding junk) and regular exercises so why compromise in healthy sleep?

Truth be told, not everyone realizes the true impact of healthy night sleep. It is often considered as a theoretical concept rather than a practical one. Choosing the right mattress is a path to a healthy sleep in the real world and it is also a step forward towards a healthy life choice.

Checking your mattress: 

If you have spent more than 7 years with your existing mattress, then it’s time that you must consider replacing it. Before choosing a new mattress, check your existing mattress, whether it is still giving you the same comfort and support as it used to. 

A good mattress should be able to relieve the pain in the pressure points and provide complete relaxation to your body. When you buy a new mattress it is always the most comfortable and relaxing thing but as the time passes, the mattress starts losing its ability to provide the same comfort and relaxation and the quality of the sleep starts declining with time. These changes occur at such a slow pace that they go unnoticed. 

You must keep an eye on some small details like some pain in pressure points present in areas such as neck, shoulders or hips, or unable to have a comfortable sleep at night and waking up exhausted the next day.

These are certain things if administered, point towards the retirement of the old mattress. It means that the time to break up with the old mattress has come and it must be replaced with a new mattress.

Finding a replacement: 

There are a lot of options available in the market to choose from. It creates a lot of confusion on what to buy and what not to buy so before choosing your mattress, you must explore all the options that are available in the market to narrow down the mattress that is most suitable for you. 


An innerspring mattress contains a support system of steel coils. There are a variety of spring systems available in the market to choose from. The spring varies in shape, design, coil gauge and the number of coils that are used in a mattress. The innerspring is covered using padding or upholstery materials like foams, fiber and sometimes even an additional layer of smaller springs. In an innerspring mattress, the more the number of springs in the mattress, the more support the mattress provides and the better the bed contours to the body shape.


Pillow-top mattresses have an additional upholstery layer sewed on the top of the mattress in shape of a pillow, made using fiber or foam material. The material used to make this layer varies.


A hybrid mattress is a mixture of a steel coil support system, one or more types of foam such as PU foam, viscoelastic foam or latex, and gel foams or other materials.

Memory Foam: 

This mattress uses PU foam as a support system in the upholstery layer. The foam contours as per the shape of the individual’s body.


Latex mattresses use latex foam as the support system in the upholstery layer. The latex obtained to make these mattresses is either generated naturally or synthetically depending upon its use in the mattress.


Airbed usually comprises of an air chamber as a support system. The air chamber of the airbed is covered with padding or upholstery material like foam and fiber. Airbed allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress as per your requirement and you can even control the firmness of both the ends of the bed separately as per the individual requirement in case of couples. 

Adjustable Beds: 

An adjustable bed has a base that lifts the top and bottom of the mattress to shape as per your comfort. These beds are most commonly used these days due to their conventional designs. These beds can be positioned as per the individual’s requirements.

Still Confused?!? 

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