These mattresses are highly durable and good for people suffering from pains in joints. The mattress material yields and adjusts as per your body shape rather than making you contour to it. The mattress supports correct spinal alignment and not adding too much pressure on your joints. Thus providing optimal support and comfort.

Quilting: Stretchable Fabric with fiber along with foam with appropriate quilting pattern
Core: Comfort Foam, Pocketed Coil
Edge: Foam Encased
Height: 28 cm

Highly durable
Ideal for people with joint pains
Takes up the shape of an individual’s body shape providing proper support
Supports correct spinal alignment
Providing optimal comfort
Supports no partner disturbance

Copper Infused Memory Foam: Yes
Mattress Top: TT
Soft Foam: Yes
Soft Foam Quilting: Yes
Warranty: 5 Years